NVC Dance Floorsа – Танцпол жизни

для изучения, проживания и обучения ненасильственному общению (ННО)


We have translations of the set of files needed for the Dances below:
1. The 13 Step Dance for Dialogue -аТанец диалога 13 шагов
4. The Self Empathy Dance -аТанец Самоэмпатии

This includes, for each dance:
• The Floor Cards for the Dance
• The Chart/diagram of the Dance
• The ‘How To Dance’ guidelines for the Dance

These translations are by Olga Belogrivtseva, and are made on the basis of our Self-led Translation Agreement.
This means the text and layout are not quality checked by us, but we know and trust Olga’s understanding of the Dance Floors.

Please email us if you would like to use these Dance Floors, so we can send you the printable PDF files.

Donation for Russian Dance Floors - give what you wish

If you would like to make a donation for use of the files, please do so via the button here. It helps us to make more of the Dance Floors available in Russian and in other languages.а

Information about the NVC Dance Floors:аwww.NvcDanceFloors.com

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